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FS: Heavily Modified Melos SHA-1

  1. dsavitsk
    Up for sale is a modified Melos SHA-1.


    External condition is about what you'd expect for an older SHA-1, there are a few scuffs, etc.

    However, internal modifications are quite extensive. Modifications include
    - all coupling caps (6 of them) replaced with Sonicaps. The large interstage couplers are bypassed by Vitamin Q's.
    - the high voltage power supply is rebuilt with super low noise avalanche diodes followed by a CLCRC filter using high quality Panasonic caps. This is followed by an upgraded regulator that filters any residual HF noise, with the final PS cap being a 100u film in oil cap.
    - the low voltage power supply caps are all replaced with Nichicon Muse caps, bypassed by Wimas preregulator and Sonicaps post regulator.

    Please PM for more details on the modifications.

    Included tubes are JAN Philips 6922's.

    Asking price is $950 USD + shipping. PayPal adds 3%. US only, and pickup preferred.


  2. dsavitsk
  3. LFF

    I have always, always wanted one of these bad boys.

    Bad timing. [​IMG]

    Free bump!
  4. dsavitsk
  5. dsavitsk
    bump, and price dropped to $950.
  6. recstar24 Contributor

    These mods performed by Doug are not your typical "take nice caps and drop them in" - the power supply for all practical purposes is redone and way better performing than a stock melos. Having listened to this amp, it is probably the best I have ever heard this melos model by far, and exceeds even those NOS Carlo modded "maestrobated" melos' easily.
  7. dsavitsk
    bump -- still available
  8. dsavitsk
    Still available -- I'll also consider partial trades or full. I am interested in a decent quality balanced DAC (Wadia, Theta, etc).
  9. dsavitsk
    Still looking for a loving home. Make me an offer.
  10. dsavitsk
  11. hughwi
    Has this gone?
  12. hughwi
    Sorry, I didnt notice the CONUS only!

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