FS: Headroom Cosmic Reference, Base Station One, travel case
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Mar 27, 2006
FOR SALE: Headroom Cosmic Reference Amp kit, which includes:

- Cosmic Reference Amp: Purchased from a fellow audiophile, this unit is in perfect condition. Rarely used, which is why it's on the block. Since I bought it, it's only been on one trip, the rest of the time it's been babied at home.

- Base Station One: This unit is the outboard power supply which really opens up the detail. Included is the original blue power/audio cord and the power cable.

- Travel case: This nylon travel case perfectly fits the Cosmic Reference and the source of your choice. Included are two D-cell battery sleds that deliver 6v each - also there is a battery substitute that allows one of the units to use only 3 batteries and supply 4.5 volts instead - perfect for many portable sources.

I tested everything and it works perfectly.

I'm asking $600, with shipping and insurance included in the price. Tracking number will be provided upon shipment. I can accept personal checks, money orders, and paypal. If you want to use a credit card with paypal, I ask that we split the 3% fee. If you want to make an alternative offer, please do so.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to PM me.
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Jun 4, 2002
How old/which version is the Cosmic?

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