FS: Headphone Hobby Humble Bundle (DT250-250 + AMB Gamma2)
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Jun 12, 2013
(Photos already available on the separate For Sales, but I figured that I'd offer both of the items I'm currently selling as a package. They go really well together and would provide a very good budget entry-point for a new enthusiast. Getting a Gamma2 pre-built from Mr. X alone would cost $325 without the PSU, so IMO this package is a pretty nice deal.)
This FS package includes a headphone, DAC - along with replacement Beyer cables, a USB cable, and a external regulated power supply to provide clean power for the DAC. All items are used, but all function great and are in rather nice cosmetic condition. 
Headphone - Beyerdynamic DT250-250 ohm: The DT250-250 is an extremely well built headphone with an excellent, neutral sound. (It's very similiar to the Sennheiser HD600 in this regard.) This DT250-250 comes with its original box and long stock coiled cable. It’s in fantastic shape and doesn’t have any of the standard “chocolate box” Beyer problems. No channel imbalances, etc. This DT250 sounds fantastic.  I’m also including a replacement straight cable, Beyerdynamic K240.07 which is 3 meters long and has a mini-stereo plug. The third cable I’m including is an aftermarket cable from Spread Sound in Japan. This is a 1.5 meter straight cable with a Neutrik mini stereo plug. It has a Mogami black mesh outer cover. This cable works for day-to-day portable usage. SOLD
DAC - AMB Labs Gamma2 w/ Sigma11 PSU: The Gamma2 is a well-known AMB labs design that uses a WM8741 chip. It's a great sounding DAC and is probably the best price/performance you can find in this bracket.  For comments on performance, you can see the many, many positive comments in Purrin's long DAC thread here. This unit is a Full Configuration with all inputs and outputs. It was originally purchased from Bill-P last year (http://www.head-fi.org/t/747988/amb-gamma2-dac). With this full config, I’m including a Sigma11 regulated power supply, power cable, and USB cord. The Sigma11 is really the last power supply you’ll ever need for a Gamma2, seriously. 
Amplifier - Schiit Vali Hybrid Tube Amp: It's Schiit, but that doesn't mean it's not great! Ok, enough with the puns. The Schiit Vali is a well regarded entry-level hybrid tube amplifier. You can find comments regarding it here. It's a nice unit that punches well above it's price point. Far from being a syrupy, smoothed over amp - the sound stereotypically associated with "tube amps" - the Vali is clear, crisp, and detailed.  VALI SOLD. BUNDLE REDUCED TO TWO w/ PRICE LOWERED.
Price includes CONUS Shipping, Paypal, Insurance, and Delivery Confirmation. 
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