FS: Headphile Beyer/Sony DT-3000
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Oct 2, 2003
North Andover, MA
[size=x-large]PHONES ARE SOLD, THANKS![/size]

Selling off a beautiful 'phone, not sure but may be the only of its kind.

Larry @ Headphile took a pair of Beyer's and put the Sony CD-3000 drivers in. Woodied and screened the cups, and I bought them.

In all honesty, I couldn't get into the sound. Far too laid back, as if you were sitting towards the rear of the hall. Went back and forth with Larry, and he suggested I try it with something covering the screens. I did, and it sounded a heck of a lot better.

Showing incredible service, Larry took them back and sealed the screens. And the phones were transformed! These are now fast, dynamic, and detailed phones, but with bass galore! Admittedly the mid bass is fat, something like the A-T A900 I used to own, but deeper and more dynamic.

This is not a soft phone. It is detailed, fast up top, but oddly enough I do not get tired of listening for longer periods - it doesn't give me listener fatigue (and I have had my ears tested to 18kHz+ with no dropoff). But those looking for Sennheiser highs, look elsewhere. These are Sony highs

Soundstage is huge, like my Sennheiser 650's but without the darkness of the Senn's.

And comfort? Incredible! I really like the way these sit on the head; they don't slip back like the Sony's do when I slightly tilt my head back.

So why am I selling? I have the Senn's, the Sony CD-3K's, the Sony SA-5K's, the AKG 701's, Ety 4P/S's, HF-1's and these. I love the sound of these out of my Lavry DAC in the bedroom, but they aren't quite sealed enough to not bother the wife. And the other phones seem to mate a little better with my PS Audio GCHA in my main system. And.....I want to try other things of course.

So, diatribe ended. I bought these from Larry for $350, I will sell for $315 shipped in US, slightly higher elsewhere. I accept Paypal (no fees charged) or M.O.

Here come the pics....(note: the right earpiece outside picture has hair or carpet fiber on it, that is not a scratch).








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