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FS:HD800 S/N: 10280 in perfect condition no paint chip! include silverdragon V2 cable system

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by furyagain, Apr 10, 2016.
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  1. furyagain
    For Sale
    selling my HD800, which it has been with me for several years, but since 2 years ago i have been too busy with my babies( now 5 and 3 years ago)
    i really have no time to enjoy music anymore!
    Thinking about selling my pair of HD800, i know alot of people said the used HD800 will have alot of paint chip,
    My pair never touch hard surface!, always land it on something soft.
    It will have both stock cable
    and the moon audio black dragon V2 cable system with 4 pin XLR adapter cable and  1/4 adapter cable.
    Selling it at 850 US dollars
    or 1100 Canadian dollars
    price included shipping and paypal fee.

    BOX included
    The reason i am selling this is,, i kind of got crazy on Nerf Blaster!!  Yea as my son love it, me too!!
    Also planning to sell Brystone BHA-1 and Audio GD ref 5
  2. JoeDoe
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