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Jan 9, 2018
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Hi, for sale is an HD600 + JDS Atom + Schiit Modi 3.

Atom and Modi 3 are in good condition and work perfectly. The Atom's enclosure, being plastic, does show some extremely minor signs of wear but should not be any more than other used Atom's on here. Just want to be forthcoming.

HD600 is in good condition. Comes with original display box and upgraded HD6XX cable. Earpads have been replaced with fresh, almost-identical pads to stock and sounded very similar when I swapped earpads with the new ones I had on my HD650's. Additional add ons include foam cut outs and rug liners that you can take on and off to taste. I find that putting the beige rug liner underneath the front foam layer of the HD600 really tames the forward upper mids. Can also include some dynamat to dampen and tighten bass to taste.

Asking $375 + shipping. Paypal fee on me. Local pickup can be done in 92602.

Option 1: Swap HD600 for HD580 Precision = -$20

Option 2: Swap JDS Atom for Cavalli Liquid Spark

Option 3: Exclude HD600 customization materials (aka rug liner, felt ring, dynamat) = -$10

Option 4: Include Black Periapt XLR Cable approx. 5or6 ft = +$50

Option 5: Include a "for parts" Red and black braided custom cable. Cable sounds like it has a loose connection somewhere. Probs just needs some love from a soldering iron which I don't have. This option is classified as "for parts". = $9
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