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FS: HD 600, Willsound PK32

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Asian8640, Sep 19, 2018.
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  1. Asian8640
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    Please click on the links for time-stamped photos with confirmation

    My HD 600 headphones have been kept in immaculate condition. I love the way they sound, and well recorded vocals can make me cry on these headphones. However, they don't get enough head time and as much as it pains me to say it, they have to go. This has been kept in a drug-free, pet free, well cleaned (mop weekly and dust every two weeks) environment. While they have traveled with me twice, they have stayed in their original hard box they came with. I'm defining travel as moving from one home to another, not day-to-day travel. However, I no longer have the original thin cardboard sleeve that went around them. You don't need to worry about issues like residue from greasy skin, or lots of dust inside the ear-cups as shown by the photographs. The hair tie used to keep the cable neat is not tightly wrapped so as to prevent unnecessary bending or compression on the cable.
    I'm looking for $210 shipped
    Sold for $190

    My Willsound PK 32 earbuds were custom made for me and I'm pretty sure that there is only one pair of PK32's in the world with this color scheme: mine. They're different from the standard models in color only. Instead of all white shell and cables, the use black shells with blue cables and the foams are blue to accent the cable. However, the blue doughnut foams currently pictured on the earbuds will not be supplied as that would just be unsanitary. As compensation, a pair of thin standard black foams will be supplied.
    The PK 32's are slightly warm earbuds with good extension in the high frequencies and an attenuation of sub-bass frequencies. These do not have the "lack of bass" issue that showed up in a few other earbuds in this line. Its cable is the best I've ever owned as far as durability and lack of tangling is concerned. It might not be the best cable ever, but it was a fantastic choice for an earbud. I'm selling these because it's time to pare down my collection once more, and despite everything I love about them, my modified Edifier H180 gets more ear time. They have been used for two listening sessions of the entire Lord of the Rings Soundtrack and the entirety of Devin Townsend's discography post Casualties of Cool book-ended by Transcendence. I paid $55 for these. I'd say that $45 shipped for these singular earbuds is a reasonable asking price. $OLD for $35 Shipped
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  2. lowendtheory77

    Would you be willing to trade?
  3. Asian8640
    I'd really prefer cash, but what do you have in mind?
  4. lowendtheory77
    Ill give you a list of things i would be willing to part with: Collorfly C3, Senfer PT15, Massdrop edition midnight blue Monk+, Monk+ esspresso. I would do a two for one deal. Heck even 3 for one for those.
  5. ms142
    Are the PK32 still available?
  6. Asian8640
    Yes, they are. Are you interested?
  7. Asian8640

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