[FS] Grado sr80's
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Aug 1, 2009
I bought these on ebay a few weeks ago, but I recent got my hands on a pair of Alessandro MS-2s, so these have to go. They have been open for about 6 weeks, and only about 50 hours of play on them.

They come with the original box and everything that was in it. Warranty included (although I doubt that matters at this point). These come with flats, and didn't come with bowls.

I'm going to sell these for a pretty cheap price, since the head-fi community has done so much for me, it's only right to give back to the community in anyway I can. I'll be selling these for $OLD anywhere in the continental U.S.

I'll pay for shipping, and all that jazz. I sadly only take paypal, but I won't charge the paypal fee or anything. It would be great if the buyer pays as a "personal gift" to avoid that fee, but I don't really mind.

Pics below!~




Any questions, feel free to PM.

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