FS: Grado SR80 with JMoney leather headband and "shroom" cups, it also sports a re-cable with XEV by Zynsonix
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Jul 27, 2005
Up for grabs is a highly modified Grado SR80 (not the i). First I shipped them to Jeremy at JMoney to get a pair of wood cups, wood tips, and a V3 leather band ( http://www.jmoneyaudio.com/products.php ). Next they went to Bryan at Zynsonix ( http://www.zynsonix.com/Recables.htm ) for a 10 foot long re-cable using the XEV (silver plated copper covered in black nylon) and terminated in a Neutrik gold plated 1/4" plug. Bryan also installed a pea size bitumen on the back of the drivers like Grado does on their more expensive  units.
If you do the math you will see the work at JMoney retails for $185 plus another $25 for me to ship the unit to Jeremy. The work at Zynsonix retails for $155 plus $25 for me to ship the unit to Bryan. I do not have the original box but instead I used the original Grado foam and a plastic box I bought at Staples to make for a nicer storage case. Once you add the original cost of the SR80 you have about $485. Here are a couple of pictures for your pleasure.
I am asking $325 including S&H, and insurance in CONUS. Payment by PayPal with a verified address. Thanks.




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