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FS: Grado SR325i Gold SOLD

Trader History (8)
  1. EinTheVariance
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Best offer:
    Putting up some stuff for sale to fund some upgrades. Buyer will need to login to paypal and pay via pay for goods and services (ask me for my paypal info once you are ready to buy). CONUS only.

    SR325i Gold: These are the rare early SR325i in Gold celebrating Grado's 50th Anniversary. They have the nicer leather headband as opposed to the lower tier line with the synthetic headband. They are in good condition and will come with the 1/4" adapter, the carrying/storage pouch, and the S cush with garfield softies equipped (you can pull them right off if you don't like them). $170 shipped http://imgur.com/a/XuHcj

    I'm also looking to get rid of:
    AKG K553 in good condition with braided cable (can undo them if you'd like) and the 1/4" adapter included for about $65 shipped

    VE Zen 2.0 that comes with a little pouch for about $90 shipped.

    These two are in the office though, so I won't be able to get pics until Monday, but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone is interested.
  2. musaji
    PM sent!

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