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FS: Grado RS-1 mint w/pizza box.

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by boxboxbox, Jun 13, 2012.
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  1. BoxBoxBox
    For Sale
    Please message me if you are interested, the RS-1s are in perfect condition and include everything, it is a buttonless RS1, one of the newer ones, but not RS-1i. No trades. Includes a clip on valour headband which I'm including free as a bonus, it is removeable. Pic of the headphones:
    Google checkout only, very easy -- invoice -- CC/debit card -- done. 
  2. Raoul Pathak
    Hey BoxBoxBox, I reached my PM limit, but I just wanted to let you know that I'll sleep on it (2AM here). The import fees exceed 25% here in Norway so you can understand the prices get steep quite quickly. I'll give you some sort of response tomorrow, given that my PM limit get's reset. In the mean time I won't ask you to reserve anything for me.
  3. BoxBoxBox
    Still for sale
  4. feltfield
    I am seriously interested. When I try to send you a pm though, it says:
    "You have reached your daily allotment of 2 private messages per day. Note that multiple recipients of the same message each count toward your limit. Please try again later."
    Is there any way you can message me and I can respond?
  5. BoxBoxBox
    I've owned many RS-1s before, these are my favorite pair because they combine the classic look with the newer look. The cups have no buttons, but the sound is closer to 'classic', and the cable is perfect for both desk and portable use. It is a thinner, shorter cable than other RS-1s. IMO those looking for RS-1 should pick this one up.
  6. BoxBoxBox
    last price drop before I keep it
  7. KimChee
    Any pics?
  8. GoodToGo1
    How long have you owned it? Also need some pics!
  9. BoxBoxBox
    Pic : http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/9075/0716021350.jpg
  10. BoxBoxBox
    wow two months and no sale, I remember a time on headfi when I post something and it's gone within one hour. 
  11. Mr.Sneis
  12. Mr.Sneis
    For the record I paid September 7 and as far as I can tell he still has not shipped these yet and I have no tracking information.
  13. Mr.Sneis
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