FS: Good condition ZEN 8gb with accessories
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Sep 17, 2005
I am selling a ZEN 8gb in good condition with a very slightly damaged black silicone case (with strap) and a creative acrylic case (with kickstand) with many very light scratches.

The front of the ZEN is very shiny and in great condition. There are small blemishes caused by the acrylic screen, though (darn thing was supposed to protect the screen! i dont know what happened to make it become scratched). A BSE should be able to mask all the of the tiny scratches easily. They are noticeable in bright light. The back of the player shows a little wear and tear. It has been used for about 2 months, and suffers no defects (no white screen issue as on some people's ZENs). I really like this player but I am pressed for money. Thank you for your time and please consider this purchase.

Price: $140 shipped in USA/Canada. If you don't like the price, message me anyway if you are interested.

This is a good deal considering the accessories. The wear and tear is inevitable anyway. I bought the player alone for more than that price. Original box for the player (inner blister pack damaged) and the acrylic case are included.



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