FS: Gear Clearance: SE530, Grado Sr60, and more!! [56k no way- UPDATED]
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Feb 28, 2007
I took a huge huge leap and purchased a macbook pro for school (my dream computer), even though I really do not have the money for it. So here it is, the filipelli summer clearance to pay for my MBP.

I am pretty much selling off everything but my customs, taking a big cut for a fast sale. CONUS preferred for now, unless you are a reputable international head-fier with feedback and instant payment (adding on shipping for international).

Here we go:

Zune 80 black + Zune Dock + AC Adapter - $200 shipped CONUS - SOLD to 4saken

- pristine condition, couple of tiny scratches on the sides. No box (back at school but can ship at later date for additional shipping).



Cowon D2 4gb Black + Cowon Leather Case + Antiglare film - SOLD to FrederickSTPU
- No box (back at school but can ship at later date), no scratches, no dents..minty condition. Comes with simple flash skin loader with some of the nicest flash skins out there already. Leather case is one of the best out there. There is a clear screen protector on the player right now, but I ordered an antiglare film for it as well...which you will get new and unused.



- I have the original box and invoice and yes this is underwarranty..but surprise surprise...it is back at school and can be shipped at later date. More details: The date stamp on these is 2977 - which is said to mean they were made on the 297th day of 2007 - during the period of the new cable formulation. I have not experienced any cable stiffening or damage, and have taken care of these babies. They will come with shure small black olive foamies.


Punnisher Low Profile LOD - SOLD to Headphone Addict
- Black dock to silver right angle neutrik exiting the left side. Don't have an amp anymore so I don't need it.

Logitech VX Nano Wireless mouse - SOLD to monolithB]
- New and comes with box and drivers. The little pouch and batteries are still sealed.

Grado SR60 Modded + Display Case - SOLD

- Comes modded with headcoverage lambskin headband ($48 normally) and wire screen. Silver is clean and shiny. No wear. New comfies. These have been shortened to a more manageable and comfortable length and reterminate din 1/8" gold switchcraft. Comes with custom display case with blue silk lining. If you don't want the display case, the grados are $100 shipped. (minty grados = 60, headband = 40 roughly - not considering the switchcraft plug and shipping)


Taiwan BCase -SOLD

Decided to split this up for interested people. Get this perfect grado case for a nice price without having to wait for shipping from Taiwan.

IC: Guitar Hero for Wii (game and guitar) - $50 shipped
- No box for guitar or game. Everything is nice and clean though.

Powerbook 12" 1.33 G4 - SOLD

- combo drive, 120gb, 1.25gb ram, new battery. MINT looking...just two unnoticeable scratches

LOW Profile LOD - for parts - SOLD To Germania
- Sorry guys this one has some issues. It is for the DIYer who maybe able to fix it. Silver wire is stiff so harsh bending can loosen the connection solder within the dock. It produces sound when you wiggle, and position it a certain way, but if you are rough with your gear you may want to have this fixed. I can't fix it because I sold my amp. I can't test it because I sold my amp. So $10 shipped as parts guys!

Punnisher on top, mine on bottom.

Hori Screen protector for Nintendo DS Lite - SOLD
- The best you can get for your DS. You get two protectors, one for each screen. You also get a card to remove bubbles and cleaning cloth. This package is new and ununsed.


Shure ultrasoft flex tips - SOLD
- You get 1 pair of small, 2 pairs of med, 1 pair of large. come in a sony case that came with some earbuds I had. I am also including a shirt clip in white.


Rig strap: Black silicone bracelet: engraved with "vinyl reverie" - $3.00 shipped


Rig strap 2: Dell ac adapter strap - adjustable and strong - $5.00 shipped


I can have pics up in a bit...sorry I just listed a lot of things. If you guys want more pics let me know. I have great feedback here and on ebay under pegasusxpc. I really take care of my stuff (obsessively, so everything is as described). PM me for questions or details.

UPDATE: I will be now updating this thread on the source forum since all I got left is the Cowon D2. Go check it out!

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