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FS/FT: Woo Audio WA6 Black.

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  1. dotrunghieu
    For Sale or Trade
    I am selling Woo Audio WA6 - perfect condition. 
    +3 rectifiers: original, RCA 5V4G fat bottle-glass, and the Sophia Electric 274b
    +2 sets of driver tubes: Stock Pinnacle 6DR7 and Sylvania 6DE7
    I willing to trade for SCHIIT GUNGNIR or a similar 
  2. midnightwalker
    Em chào thánh [​IMG]
  3. maskofkpax
    Tưởng thánh về Tây trúc thỉnh kinh rồi hóa ra bay qua US vô headfi bán đồ sao :frowning2:
  4. hakoona
    ngon quá,đã trade được lun ròi :x
  5. maskofkpax

    Trade với tốc độ ánh sáng, em nó đã lên voz sau 12 tiếng trade =))
  6. Ahzari
    A little confused... It shows you just purchased this November 21st? Why are you selling?
  7. wifiluu
    How much you wanna sell
  8. dotrunghieu
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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