FS/FT: Sony MDR-V6
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Jun 17, 2004


I just bought a pair of AKG K501s, and these have been made a bit redundant. I bought these back in late 2002 and I've used them as my main can since, so they've seen plenty of use. They're flawless as far as sound and mechanical condition is concerned; all of the clicky and spinny bits still click and spin properly. Cosmetically, they're OK, though there's some grey stuff (paint, I think; you could probably remove it with acetone, though the management accepts no responsibility if it melts the cans) in the hinge area on the right driver.

The problem with them, and the reason why I'm tossing them up fairly cheaply, is that, like most other V6's that have seen lots of use, their earpads are in lousy shape; these ones are split open in the center and missing a lot of pleather, though they're still entirely wearable. Of course, you could buy replacement pads for $9, or upgrade to nice comfy Beyer pads.

In light of the flaws with this pair, I'll ask for $32 or best offer, shipped inside the United States. Not a bad price at all for a good-sounding closed can, I think. If you have an amplifier in the PIMETA's general price/performance class, I'd swap these plus some cash, too.

Thanks for looking!

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