FS/FT: Mint HD700 and Little Dot MKIII
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Mar 17, 2014
Minty HD700 for sale or trade. Purchased this in late November 2014 directly from Sennheiser (so it still has plenty of the 2 year warranty left on it). I am the original owner and have taken very good care of it throughout my ownership. I could not find a single blemish on the headphone - the pads, headband, cable, and jack are all in immaculate condition. Includes the original box and cable.
I also have a Little Dot MKIII for sale or trade as well. I am the second owner, and it has the Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV tubes installed (seems to be one of the most popular recommendations for tubes for the MKIII). Included is the power cable and a 6" RCA to 3.5mm adapter. This is also in pretty immaculate condition. 
Reason for sale is that I'm heading off to college in a couple months and I'd prefer to not bring such an expensive setup with me. Although, I would consider all trades so please don't be afraid to offer. Would prefer to sell the two together - $400 for the HD700, $200 for the Little Dot, or $550 for both. Shipping and fees not included. 
Would prefer a local deal if possible, since shipping such a large box would be a bit expensive. Located in Howard County, MD, which is within reasonable distance of Baltimore, DC, NoVa, Southern PA, and Delaware. I would not mind driving out a bit to meet people halfway. I will also likely be attending the 2015 Capital Audio Fest in Rockville, MD in August, if someone would like to do a local deal there.
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