FS/FT: Mint AKG K141 silver, boxed (Sextett drivers)
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Dec 26, 2007
I've been caught in the ortho madness, so I have to let go of a few phones. For sale here a pair of mint silver AKG K141 Cardan de Luxe, the ones using Sextett drivers. They have the original box and papers, and are perfect:

* new elastics

* new pads

* new foam discs under the pads

All the replacements above are original from AKG. They sound very good, and I used to like them more than the Sextetts I had. The SQ is very similar to the MP Sextetts.


I am letting these go for 60 euros shipped. Please note that the pads alone cost about 20 euros, and these are not usually found in mint condition and boxed.

If you have a DIY amp like the Starving Student I might consider a straight trade. I am also interested in other amps/DACs and I will add the difference in cash.

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