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FS/FT:Lavry Da-11

  1. hockeyb213 Contributor
    In a continuation of trying to head back into the portable realm I am going to let go of this amazing dac. It is in mint condition with no seeable scratches or blemishes. I am mainly looking to sell this so I can buy a desktop but I will consider a good trade as well. Please pm me with any offers or if you would like to see pictures of the unit.
    Thanks for looking!
    Edit: Here is a photo of the da-11 in its current setup http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q177/hockeyb213/DSC_0043-2.jpg
  2. johangrb
    Ballpark price?
  3. hockeyb213 Contributor
    I am looking for a price around $1000 + fee's as of right now I have one pending offer
  4. DarKu

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