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FS/FT: iPod Classic 80gb for iBasso D-Zero or Cowon J3

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  1. calipilot227
    For Sale or Trade
    Up for sale: my trusty iPod Classic. I recently "upgraded" to the iPod Video 5.5g, and I no longer use this player.
    The metal back was scratched up from going everywhere in my pocket, so I replaced it with a brand new one from Rapidrepair. It is just a shiny piece of polished stainless steel (no markings). I will include the original one as well (with the model number and serial number).
    This iPod works perfectly despite being heavily used, and the battery still holds a charge. I will include a Griffin Wave case for free.
    Thanks for looking!
    Edit: Will trade for an iBasso D-Zero or Cowon J3
  2. calipilot227
    Price drop! Going to eBay soon!
  3. calipilot227
    Bump! Will also trade for iBasso D-Zero or Cowon J3
  4. calipilot227
    Gone to eBay
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