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FS/FT - iBasso D12 Anaconda with original opamps + HiFlight amp Kit + iBasso Kit

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  1. DevilsRightHand
    For Sale
     This thing is in perfect shape, I used it a few times because a month after I got it, I bought a Pico DAC/AMP. I kept the D12 for my wife but she has no use for it so has been in my drawer ever since. It come with a leather pouch, warranty card and an optical cable (not in  the pictures but I could add it if requested, same for the iBasso Topkit). I'm including the famous, high quality, HiFlight Topkit of opamp (that's the little yellow round box in the pictures) that you can use to tweak the amp to the sound that you prefer. I also include the iBasso Opamp Kit (worth 25$). Of course the original opamps are in there too.
    I take great care of my things and it stayed in a smoke and pet free home
    HiFlight Topkit includes:
    - (3) different L/R opamps
     - (1) a set of replacement buffers that output more current than the stock buffers
       - (1) a set of bypass buffers. 
    Ron, owner of HiFlight Audio makes these himself and is always there and quick to answer questions right here on Head-Fi. There is no soldering or modification required to your amp to use these. You can also use the Topkit buffers with the stock opamps and the stock buffers with the Topkit L/R opamps, so there are many possible combinations for you to try. Just let your ears be your guide. All of the Topkit opamps are color-coded, so installation is about foolproof. Everything included in this kit can be combined with those in the iBasso Topkit.
    iBasso Topkit includes:
     -  (1) ADA4841-2
      - (2) AD8532
       - (2) LMH6643
        - (1) AD8656
    What I want for this:
    I might be interested in a trade (looking for a decent DAP) but unless it's an awesome deal for me, I prefer cash.
    Shipping & Payment
     - I only take Paypal (for both our protection) and buyer covers the fees
      - Buyer pays shipping.
       - Shipping costs must & will include tracking, signature and at least 200$ insurance.
        - I sell only to North-America because I got 3 offers from people in Europe but the costs with the options is outrageous                 (50$US). 
          - I ship in a box with lots of bubble wrap
    *****Negotiable, but don't "f" around please, don't waste mine or your time low-balling.******
    Thanks for looking (sorry for the lengthy text)
  2. highfell

    Will you consider shipping to the UK please

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