FS/FT: Grado Sr225 w/ bowls & flats
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Nov 20, 2004
Nicely broken in pair of sr225 phones for sale, I have owned these for at least 2 years now and am just looking to try something towards the other end of the spectrum for a while. The 225s are probably the darkest and warmest in the Grado lineup, and these ones have enough hours on them so that the top end has become absolutely beautiful and smooth, not bright like a new pair. That said, these phones are still very much Grados and have that extremely airy sound and blinkingly fast and powerful impact for which the brand is known. The phones also come with a pair of TTVJ flats, which tend to collapse the soundstage, but certainly bring the bass up further in the mix...better for hiphop and electronic music, whereas I find the bowls better for anything recorded acoustically. The phones will ship in their original box with all original documentation.

I could go on. I really like these phones, I am just looking to try out some other options and I can't afford to start a collection over here.

Bottom line: $150 shipped anywhere in North America (with both sets of pads) or will entertain interesting trades or partial trades with cash in the realm of Senn (595, 600, 650), AKG (501 601 701) or Beyer (770 880), or for a good headamp with a wallplug (tube or ss).

Paypal preferred.

Email me with what you have and we can sort it out, I can also take some pictures if you like...although they will just look like a pair of Grados...

*****PLEASE EMAIL ONLY as I am not around to check PM's and posts etc much at all***

dshook AT interchange DOT ubc DOT ca

Also the phones and I are in the Vancouver area if anyone wants to set something up locally.


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cant email yea, its been disabled.

dshook AT interchange DOT ubc DOT ca

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