FS/FT: Fostex TH900 Mk.2 (Special Edition, Emerald) + optional accessories

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  1. Benjamin6264
    For Sale or Trade
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    • North America
    LNIB, includes Fostex headphone stand. I would love to keep them but I will soon be back to school and without income, so I need to save a few months worth of rent.

    https://imgur.com/a/oPsEIZl (from previous seller, will take additional pictures on request)

    These are a special Emerald edition with gorgeous, deep green cups. Only 100 were ever made.

    Optional accessories:

    - Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable (Furutech 4-pin XLR, connector pinout is specific to TH900 Mk.2, inverted from HD650),10 feet: $300
    - Moon Audio Silver Dragon 4-pin XLR to Furutech 1/4" TRS adapter: $100 ($75 with the cable)
    - OCC Litz SPC cable (made by me, TH900 pinout), about 4 feet long and terminated with 1/4" TRS: $150

    - Dekoni TH-X00 fenestrated sheepskin pads: $50
    - Dekoni TH-X00 hybrid pads: $50
    - Unbranded memory foam leather pads: $30

    - Burson Audio Soloist SL Mk.2 (a great match for the TH900): $350

    Looking for $1100 for the pair and stock accessories. Shipping included in Canada or Conus.

    Open to trade offers, especially partial, but mostly looking to sell.
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  3. Benjamin6264
    Thanks! (bump)
  4. blackdragon87
    burson still available?

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