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[FS/FT] Earsonics ES3 for Massdrop Plus

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by anikalsi, May 6, 2019.
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  1. anikalsi
    For Sale or Trade
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    • Europe
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    Looking to sell the Earsonics ES3 that I picked up from another head-fier a little while ago! The sound is great but I can't really seem to get the most comfortable fit on these to be honest, so thinking of letting 'em go to someone who can enjoy them more than me.

    The IEMs were picked up by the previous owner in 2017 and have the usual wear and tear surface scratches (only really noticeable in the light), but are otherwise in great condition! Comes with the retail packaging, the carrying case and a few pairs of tips.

    Looking for £160 + shipping! Paypal is included in the price.

    Will consider trade for a set of Massdrop Plus IEMs :)

    Thanks for looking!

    0B42EAC5-E791-4030-9EBD-36B9B9D02222.jpeg B41B0FEE-1071-41C9-AA25-2862F1261061.jpeg 6FB8A975-AF00-4092-B749-2D48F313DA48.jpeg E18B55F6-EF70-4DDD-AB18-1CF18D6DF249.jpeg D0A2902C-682C-4040-A9B3-D00FE1F3890C.jpeg
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  2. anikalsi
    Pics are up!
  3. anikalsi
  4. anikalsi
  5. anikalsi
  6. anikalsi
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