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FS/FT: Earbuds ST-10, PK2, ME80, B40, RY4S

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  1. assassin10000
    For Sale or Trade
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Selling various earbuds, combined shipping available.

    Smabat ST-10

    Used but in excellent condition. Pouch, silicone covers & foams are unused. Cable only used for burn-in.

    $70 shipped USPS first class or $73 priority mail.

    Yuin PK2

    Used but in very good condition. Added a couple pairs of new foams and a pair of offset donut foams I made.

    $40 shipped USPS first class or $43 priority mail.



    Only selling as they don't fit my small ears well. They have about 150hrs burn in at normal listening volume (low-med) of the Jlab burn in file, and maybe 10-15 minutes in my ears before I noticed some discomfort and stopped using them.

    All accessories and foams are new/unused, I have extra earbud foams that I used instead of what it came with.

    $8 plus shipping.

    B40 x3

    Again, just a bit larger than is comfortable for me. 1 pair has around 100hrs burn in with jlab file. All others new/unused. Foams on all 3 pairs are new/unused.

    $7 ea plus shipping.



    Has 150+ hrs burn in. All foams new/unused.

    $3 with any other buds.

    Shipping is approx. $5 usps first class or $8 priority mail.


    Again, fit issues. Good, very lightweight, mid centric earbud with mmcx. Has about 100hrs burn-in with jlab file. All foams new/unused.

    $22 plus shipping. (SOLD)


    Good all rounder with mmcx. Also has about 100hrs burn-in with jlab file. All foams new/unused. These came without a cable.

    $8 plus shipping. (SOLD)

    Will consider trade for smaller style earbuds, Westone AM Pro 10/20/30 or Westone W-series 10/20/30.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
  2. Mhog55
    PM sent
  3. assassin10000
  4. seanc6441
    You gonna try the smabat m1? Seems to be smaller than pk shell diamter and it looks super comfortable in the pics ClieOS posted.
  5. assassin10000
    Considering it.
    seanc6441 likes this.
  6. assassin10000

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