FS/FT Akg K612, Sennheiser HD598, Little Dot Dac ii, Little Dot I+
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Jan 30, 2013
I am selling/trading stuff because I am curious about other headphones and amps, along with pursuing photography.

The AKG's I have owned for around a year, so I decided to buy some new q701 pads for them for this sale. You will get both sets of pads as the old ones are still in good condition. No box, but has the 1/4 inch adapter. I was the original buyer, and they have been my main can for a while, but are ready for a new home.

The Sennheiser's I got for 95 used off amazon. Curiosity got the best of me when I saw them for 95 and wanted to compare against my roommates hd558. They are in good condition, and the pads have tons of life in them, and it will come with the 1/4' to 1/8' adapter, but no box.

The Little Dot I+ is a great beginner tube/ssd amp. Has plenty of variation, and I have a pair Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV tubes, Mullard M8161, and swapped out the stock opamp chip to a opa2107 opamp. It will also come with a rca to 3.5mm and power cable. I would look at the discussion thread, I never got around to soldering a new pot in, but it is supposedly a good upgrade for only $15.

The Little Dot Dac ii is a good all in one unit. The amp works really well with lower impedance cans and giving them some extra juice. It has tons of inputs, Coaxial, USB, optical, and has different settings to mess around with for sample rates, and effects for music. It's a great DAC with tons of inputs, and tons of optional setting to mess around with for a setup. 

AKG K612: 90 shipped
Sennheiser HD598: sold
Little Dot I+ and voshkods + Mullard m8161: 100 shipped
Little Dot Dac ii: Sold

For trades: Looking mostly for a good pair of closed back or portables. You can check my profile to see what I have and haven't heard. 

Always feel free to ask questions about the amp pairings, or for more pictures.  
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