FS Fostex X Massdrop THX00 Purple Heart /w peterk removable cable mod

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  1. LifeOnMercury
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    Condition: 8/10 with an aftermarket cable. No original box (my wife accidentally threw it away)
    No original cable because it was twisted and occasionally caused bad connection.
    There are some small scuffs on the earcups (see the picture) but no big cuts.
    I actually did not use them too often. There are only less than 30 hours on them.
    The removable cable mod was done by the famous peterk and I spent $160 on the mod.
    These beautiful headphones are sweet and powerful and I used to love them a lot and I thought I would keep them forever (so I spent $160 to mod them). However recently I got a pair of emu teak’s and found that the teak’s sound signature were slightly more satisfying to my ears.
    Price: $310 shipped
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  2. LifeOnMercury
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