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FS: Focal Clear Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by gelajoy, May 22, 2019.
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  1. gelajoy
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    I'm the original owner of these excellent condition (hardly used) Focal Clear headphones. The cans come with everything that was originally included: Three headphone cables...One 1.2 meter terminated in a 3.5mm plug and two three meter cables, one terminated in a 1/4" TRS plug and the other terminated in a 4-pin XLR for balanced use. All are 24AWG OFC copper and are covered in a woven cotton outer sheath. Also included are the carrying case, manuals, and original inner and outer boxes.

    The reviewer at InnerFidelity noted that "...The Focal Clear is what an enthusiast headphone should be: It's gorgeous; it's comfortable; its accessories are spectacular; and its sound is clear as a Montana winter sky. It's not bright, or dark, or liquid, or even—some odd way—neutral. It's just competently and confidently true to the music...Even if it's a financial stretch, the Focal Clear is worth the struggle for an end-game headphone. That's not a recommendation I make lightly."


    There are many other great reviews, but they all conclude that the Focal Clear is a great headphone.

    I'm asking $845 SOLD or best offer, free shipping at my asking price. I accept PayPal but the buyer is responsible for paying their fees. I also accept USPS money orders. I will only ship within the USA.

    I have excellent feedback on Ebay as Gelajoy (1000+ rating at 100%.)

    DSC08224.JPG DSC08226.JPG DSC08219.JPG DSC08222.JPG DSC08228.JPG DSC08229.JPG DSC08230.JPG DSC08231.JPG
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