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    First, thanks for looking!

    Second, best offers will be accepted. Trades will not.

    So I have my Flares Gold up for sale once more. Seeing as how I need to come up with cash before grad school, (for books) I'm again offering my beloved Flares for sale. Yes, these are my favorite IEM by far. Comfortable, excellent sounding, but not everyone's cup of tea. What I've read/understood is that those whom prefer a "V" sound might not take to Flares Gold. I love them and will seriously consider a repurchase (possibly new), once I graduate and get a better paying job or just have the funds (unlikely over the next 3 years).

    They're on cable #3, which I have not destroyed and is in good condition. I'm using 2-3 month old photos, fwiw, but the condition is not noticeably different. If you want updated photos, I can provide. Notice that they aren't in new or near-new condition. Sorry.

    Comes with all the accessories (except a couple tips, and I'll see what I can do about those), but that includes:

    - Original Box
    - Bluetooth module
    - Charging cable for bluetooth module
    - Carrying case
    - Some papers

    Onto the photos!

    00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180604205445767_COVER.jpg IMG_20180604_205736.jpg IMG_20180604_205747.jpg IMG_20180604_205758.jpg MVIMG_20180604_205607.jpg MVIMG_20180604_205616.jpg MVIMG_20180604_205647.jpg MVIMG_20180604_205708.jpg
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