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[FS] Fischer FA-003 TI, Alpha Dogs (Price Drop)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by binge, Nov 24, 2014.
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  1. Binge
    For Sale
    Prices are as follows,
    1. FA-003 TI - $150 Shipped CONUS, OCONUS pays shipping SOLD
    2. Mad Dogs 3.2 - $250 Shipped CONUS, OCONUS pays shipping  SOLD
    3. Alpha Dogs - $450 Shipped CONUS, OCONUS pays shipping SOLD
    Contact with confidence.  Long time buyer/seller on multiple forums.
    Heatware - http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=64912
  2. abbztract
    Would you be willing to take DT990s + cash for the Alpha Dogs?
  3. Binge
    While that is a gracious offer I am more interested in a good amp deal or cash.  Thank you.
  4. abbztract
    Grrr. Someone take my DT990s please. All I want is some MrSpeakers ;_;
  5. Pwn3r4Life
    Just so you know, the Fischer Audio F-003 Ti can be had for less brand new.


    And to potential buyers. I've heard people say that the Fischer's with quality wood cups sound as good as if not better than the LCD-XC.
  6. Binge
    Thanks for the heads up, they were $300 when I purchased them last year :frowning2:
  7. Binge
    Today shipping is free everywhere.
  8. Binge
    le bumps
  9. dxanex
    LOL No. No, they don't. I've had both, and the LCD-XC is leagues ahead of the Fischers. Only the weight kills the XC for me.
  10. Pwn3r4Life
    The Kennerton Audio Magister uses the same drivers as the FA-003Ti. It uses Bog wood cups with a stepped amphitheatre design.

    Review is herehttp://www.totallydubbed.net/2014/08/12/kennerton-fischer-audio-magister-headphone-review-an-all-round-outstanding-headphone/.

    Here is the interesting bit.

    "That’s saying quite a lot, at its price range, but I would choose these headphones for soundstage over something like the Fostex TH-900’s or even the Audeze LCD-XC. In fact, for overall sound I would actually prefer the Kennerton over the two models listed (which are both extremely well sought after closed back headphones – which are at least twice as expensive than the Kennerton’s). I know it’s extremely high praise, especially from someone that loves his Denon AH-D2000’s and therefore loves the Fostex TH-900 (but not its price) – these Kennertons are really top-quality headphones."

    I'm not saying that the FA-003Ti is better than the LCD-XC. I don't appreciate your sass either, being a nice person will get you far in life.
  11. dxanex

    What can I say, I've had some eggnog and I'm feelin' a little sassy tonight.
    And I still absolutely stand by my previous statement.
  12. Binge
    The Fischer 003Ti are one of the favorite headphones I currently own, and it would be great to see them go to someone who loved a neutral and detailed presentation of sound.
    I love how when headphones get to be very balanced there is a great deal of debate over which does it the best :)
    Comparing them to the LCD-X is very bold for a reviewer to make, so that bog wood and driver combo must have been a really special experience.
  13. tjcaustin
    Don't know if this is frowned upon or what, but to back the linked heatware, binge is a good tradebro to work with.  Fast, responsive and just a joy to talk to.
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