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FS: Fiio E7 in box $90 + and Low profile LOD w/ silver wires $40 shipped conus Buy both = free gift

  1. TekeRugburn
    i have a low profile lod with silver wires thats absolutely amazing and a fiio e7 thats in mint condition.


    i put the plastic film that came with the e7 onto it as soon as i got it....will come with the usb cable to charge it.


    Low of profile lod $40 shipped conus


    Fiio E7 $90 shipped


    buy both and you get a fiio e5 for free


    feedback can be seen here http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/499471/tekerugburn



  2. TekeRugburn
  3. ProjectDenz
    Not to try and be rude but you do realise that you can buy a brand new Fiio E7 for $81.19 these days?
  4. TekeRugburn
    i cant find any USA dealers with that price...all of them have it for 99.99 or so.... can you send a link to where?
  5. ProjectDenz

  6. TekeRugburn
    the amazon link shows 99.90 from micca.....dealextreme while great prices is extremely show shipping coming from China ( i order enough from them).... but i bought mine from micca.

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