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FS: [EU] Nativ Vita streamer with 250 GB SSD

Trader History (8)
  1. Daanvand
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
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    Used this streamer with my speaker setup. While i bought new speakers with an internal streamer i don't have use for the Nativ Vita anymore. The Nativ Vita is working flawlessly and still have the original packaging with it.

    To store some local music i installed a 250 GB SSD which will come with the Nativ Vita.
    Would be possible to do a pickup in Noordwijkerhout (The Netherlands) but international shipping is also possible.

    IMG_20181110_134612.jpg IMG_20181110_134640.jpg P1050563.JPG Zijkant.jpg
  2. Dzhazator
    Hello Nativ Vita still on sale?
  3. Daanvand
    Sorry tot the late reply, its sold already unfortanetly
    Kind Regards Daan

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