FS: [EU] Chord Mojo + Poly + Case + Accesory Pack

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  1. odessamarin
    For Sale
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    For sale full pack.. all like new.
    Chord Mojo
    Chord Poly
    Original Chord case
    Accesory Pack
    850 EUR + ss + pp

    20181106_221235.jpg 20181106_221305.jpg 20181106_221327.jpg 20181106_221353.jpg 20181106_221417.jpg 20181106_221457.jpg
  2. Matpar
    Hi, if I got It right we are close (saw the ad on subito.it :)).

    If It happens somebody is interested in the poly and cables alone, I am in for Just the mojo.

  3. upsguys88
    I’m interested in the poly and case
  4. odessamarin
    Mojo + accesory - 400 EUR + ss + pp
    Poly + Case - 450 EUR + ss + pp
  5. Matpar
    Fine by me. I write you a pm ASAP.
    Let's see what upsguys says though :)
  6. upsguys88
    Was looking for more like $375 EU
  7. odessamarin

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