FS:Etymotic ER-4 with APureSound “P” cable
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Jun 10, 2004
Selling my Etys with a 4 feet APuresound “P” cable.Mint condition.The box and all its contents (filters,tips etc ) are in brand new condition (including the original cable) as i never used any of these (i only used Shure black olive tips).I will include an extra set of filters and another set of foam tips i got from Headroom and also never used.And last but not least i include this Noreve case (it was a special order in sandy vintage leather)
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This is made by Noreve for DAP players but i found that its great for the Etys since its big enough to keep them without putting stress to the cable plus Noreve cases are so cool and classy.
Asking for 270 USD (Paypal) including worldwide shipping (Registered Airmail).


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