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[FS]Essential PH-1 w/Audio Adapter HD & 360 Camera $375 OBO

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  1. Victorfabius
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Best offer:
    ConUS shipping: free.
    International: PM me for international rates.
    PayPal fees: none.
    Trades: Maybe. DX120 is on my radar I'd do a 1-1 if you have a case. Also, Topping DX3 Pro + cash or Topping D50 + cash. Other offers will be considered, but I have no specific interests beyond what I listed.

    Edit: I purchased the Audio Adapter HD. I'll include it with the bundle, naturally. Gives off more power than the dongle, I think, but I haven't measured. Drives IEMs easily. Seems to have a (general) better sound and resolution than the dongle, and allows for charging while listening. And you'll need to, because this adapter drains the battery with MQA ~ 20% per hour. Gets warm too. Haven't had it for long enough to really break it in and get impressions.

    Essential Phone - Black
    - I've been using this as my streaming source for a little while now, and it's working out pretty well. Tidal has MQA and UAPP works with the dacs. Only issue is that on Pie, I can't get left channel sound out of Tidal to match the right channel on the two dacs following. Or at least not Pie. In UAPP, it works fine. Never part of a contract, been using it on Fi with a data-only SIM. Clean ESN. Comes with the 360 camera and camera case as well as a phone case with camera cutout. Matte black Dbrand skin on back. Phone is attractive as all hell.
    - Original box
    - All accessories included
    - 360 camera and camera case
    - Condition: Excellent. Remove the skin and screen protector and it could almost pass as new. Almost.
    - I'm partial to it
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018 at 10:16 PM
  2. Victorfabius
    Bump it! With pictures!

    IMG_20180925_201228.jpg IMG_20180925_201212.jpg IMG_20180925_201150.jpg IMG_20180925_201137.jpg IMG_20180925_201104.jpg IMG_20180925_201016.jpg IMG_20180925_200959.jpg MVIMG_20180925_200950.jpg MVIMG_20180925_200935.jpg IMG_20180925_200839.jpg IMG_20180925_200734.jpg IMG_20180925_200720.jpg IMG_20180925_200617.jpg
  3. Victorfabius
    Bump with a price drop.
  4. Victorfabius
    Bump! Offers willbe considered.
  5. Victorfabius
    Bump. Got two too many phones now. Price dropped.
  6. Victorfabius
    Bump. Just note they released a new module for the PH-1, a dac that uses the pins on the back. Will be in stock in the next couple weeks. In case you are interested.
  7. Victorfabius

    Now comes with: Audio Adapter HD!

    Also increases the price, but I'm willing to negotiate, so hit me up with an offer for this MQA setup!
  8. Victorfabius

    AAHD is not too shabby. Has moments where one can get frustrated, sure. But I would say it's acceptable for a one-device DAC. If they made one for the Pixel line, I'd be on board.

    Offers are welcome!
  9. Victorfabius
  10. ksorota
    Would you be willing to sell the AAHD separately?

    I would take the whole package, but I already own two PH-1s and the 360 camera.

  11. Victorfabius
    I'm currently only selling as a bundle. I'm somewhat surprised the AAHD isn't back up for sale on Essential's site, to be honest. I know my opinion isn't going to be worth much, but based on my usage, the AAHD is close to being worth the cost. It's great that I can get good audio out of the phone now while charging at the same time. And with the battery suction the AAHD does, I sometimes need to.

    I may change my mind about this in the future, if so I'll keep you (and the others who have PMed) in mind and go by whomever contacted first.
  12. ksorota
    Ok great...

    Essential keeps pushing back the date of when they will be in stock again. Their first batch just have been fairly small!
  13. Victorfabius
    Fair point. We will see. I have to say, it's an incredibly interesting experience for me. In all honesty, I hope they make more, because it's actually a plus experience as a DAC. It's partly why I haven't dropped the price much. Though I am now, go figure.

    Also, bump.

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