[FS] EE Zeus XR w/Adel CIEM

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  1. Victorfabius
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    I received this CIEM in a trade, and while it's excellent, it's not going to work long term for me. Problem is that I can't afford to reshell it now, and EE no longer supports ownership changes or CIEM to UIEM reshelling. If you have medium/large ears, this might work as an ersatz UIEM with the right tips.

    I did find a company that seems to be able to do the reshelling, Naga Audio, out of Singapore. It looks like they charge $550 USD to do the reshell to universal. Honestly, I'd love to be able to do this option, but I just don't have the cash to do this.

    Comes with the box, cable and CIEMs with what appears to be the B1 Adel Module only.
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  2. Victorfabius
    Been using these in the intervening time with foam tips. Found some better tips and these are starting to impress. I might have to get them reshelled myself. Still, I won't say no to a good offer right now.
  3. Victorfabius
    Bumping, even though I think they're a bit more awesome now than I did at previous bump.

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