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FS: Eddie Current Zana Deux SE

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by robinje, Apr 19, 2011.
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  1. robinje
    For Sale
    Since moving from an apartment to a house, I find myself listening predominantly to speakers these days.  I've been using my Zana Deux SE as a preamp, and it sounds great!  But, I am considering moving on to a preamp with more functionality in that role (i.e. remote control, more ins/outs, etc.).  This Zana Deux SE is Serial #1!!!  I am the original owner, and it's in perfect condition, cosmetically and functionally.  I have an assortment of spare NOS tubes to go along with the amp (two TungSol 6SL7s, a 1950's Brimar CV1985, four Svetlanta 6D22S rectifier tubes, and four spare 6C33 power tubes!!!).  The original wooden shipping crate will be provided, as will the power supply and stock 'umbilical' power cable. 
    The Zana Deux SE must go because I can't afford to keep both it and my new preamp.  I have now fully committed to selling the Zana Deux and moving on.  If you are interested, send me a PM and we can discuss. 
    Pics added:
    ZD2of6.jpg ZD1.jpg ZD4of6.jpg ZD5of6.jpg ZD6of6.jpg
  2. robinje
    Okay, it's officially for sale now.  I added pics and other info.  Please send me a PM if interested.  Thanks!
  3. davidxtb
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