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Jan 9, 2005
This was the initial prototype that Doug built leading up to the release of his DSHA-1.  The parts and construction is of the highest quality, he did not skimp anywhere, and was essentially the main amp he used before I took it from him.  It's basically a larger DSHA-1 with a beefed up power supply built in the same silver chassis as the amp, and features high quality lundahl input transformers, cinemag output transformers, balanced output, and a shunted volume pot.  For info about the design, go to http://ecpaudio.com/DSHA1.shtml
The biggest difference are the 5 full relay-based inputs (3 xlr 2 RCA) with full preamp output.  You can switch between preamp and headphone output, low and high impedance output, and low and high gain, all through little switches up front.  It's truly meant to be a one size fit all for your rig, and it served its purpose in mine for a very long time and extremely well.  See pics for what it looks like and how they are toggled on the front panel.
I'm looking for $1800.  I feel this is a fair price considering how highly regarded the DSHA-1 is, the fact that it is no longer in production, and this particular amp is essentially the DSHA design completely maxed out.  I paid a total value of $3000 for the amp (original deal included trading in an amp, value was set by Doug), and at one point Doug told me parts cost with chassis was around $1500.  The amp does not look like a prototype, and Doug switched out the metal front plate for a nice printed acrylic front plate a few years ago for me.  The chassis is silver with unlabelled inputs and outputs on the back.
Obviously this is a pretty hefty purchase, so please don't hesitate to ask me questions or if you need clarification on something.  It's performance at minimum matches that of a DSHA-1 (if not better) but with the 5 relay inputs, preamp output, and multiple gain/impedance options, it is basically a DSHA-1 on steroids with excellent versatility for any system both headphone and speaker. The headphone out is 4 pin xlr, but I am including a xlr-1/4 headphone adaptor from Doug for single ended headphone users.
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Sep 26, 2001
Folks...this is a great great amp.  The DSHA-1/0 is as good as the GSX-MKII IMO.
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