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FS: Earsonics ES5

Trader History (11)
  1. beardyweirdy
    I am looking for some new iems, as sold all mine previously. My favourite were IE800 and the K3003; didn’t like the Westones. How would the ES5 compare?
  2. JohannLiebert
    They are both very transparent sounding in ears, so is the ES5 too imo. I only used to have the IE800 and can say the IE800 has much wider soundstage but no depth and the ES5 has slightly above average width but huge depth.
    ES5 is for sure faster which is its main strength and vocals are much mure upfront than IE800's. The treble is also more smooth and less thin.
    IE800 has huge sub-bass while ES5 is more polite, but is definitely emphasized in the sub too.

    I cant say anything in regards to the K3003, but I think it is a neutral sound sig, right? Then I can introduce you to the PP8 which is imo the king of neutrality =)
  3. beardyweirdy
    Thanks for the reply. Wish I could try as I think that I would like them.
    The PP8 is a lot more expensive, do you own them?

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