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Aug 22, 2002

I'm posting this ad for randerson3024 so please read the full ad for an explanation. I have done this for him in the past and it has all gone smoothly:

"Enlightened Audio Research (EAR) HP-4 Headphone Amp $2500.

This amplifier had been nothing short of wonderful. I am conflicted about selling it; however, I have gone to completely electrostatic headphones in my collection. This would easily rate a 9 (possibly 8) of 10 on the Audiogon scale. US voltage standards, comes with original box and instructions. Spritzer is brokering the deal, as I am at sea until the first week of January from a US Post Office located in a Singapore Naval Base. Paypal is the only method of payment, buyer pays Paypal fees, I will split the shipping. Spritzer has my email and Paypal profile name. Communications on the ship can be spotty, so Spritzer will mark the sale as pending should we lose touch.”

Here is a picture of the amp. Those marks on the front panel are fingerprints and can be easily wiped off the mirror image finish.

Just PM me and I'll relay the messages to Bob or just give you his personal address if you have a serious offer.

Thanks for looking.


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