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Fs: E-mu 0404 Usb

  1. dsavitsk
    I have for sale an E-MU 0404 USB. It is as-new in the box with all software and cables, etc. I bought it for a particular use, but it turns out it won't work for that use (SPDIF output requires ASIO drivers, and the software I wanted to use it with does not support ASIO). If I return it, there is going to be a restocking fee, so if someone wants to pay a little more than I will receive from the seller, then this is your opportunity for a bargain.

    Price is $165 + paypal fees (3%) and shipping from Chicago. I'd rather not ship overseas if it can be helped.
  2. dsavitsk
    Last chance before this goes back to the vendor.
  3. fl1ckmasterflex
    Is the price still the same?

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