FS: DT880 600ohm recabled w/ TWcu 99.99998% pure copper
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Jun 28, 2009
If you're thinking of purchasing DT880, these definitely don't disappoint and are the best DT880 I have heard to date. The cable effectively corrects all of the DT880s flaws and improves on its strengths. They can also be easily terminated to balanced due to how I requested they be recabled. They sound excellent with all genres, but I mainly listen to rock and metal and they definitely don't disappoint.
Only looking to sell these as I want to upgrade to LCD-2, but considering my asking price of $320 for these, you will definitely not be disappointed.This originally cost me $300 plus approx $280 for the 6ft recable (Jeremy, aka qusp from Twisted Cables did the recable), which was 100% worth it. There are four conductors (two each side) and as you can see, they are dual entry, which I prefer to single entry. The recable brought out the bass (quantity wise) and improved on bass impact and texture. The mids were brought out (more than I was expecting) and they sound great. Meanwhile the highs were tamed so they aren't shrill anymore (I have compared stock cable DT880 600ohm to mine and mine is a definite improvement). I was thinking of getting the Beyerdynamic T1, but the mids (imo) just weren't as enjoyable as my DT880 mids (same amplifier and DAC etc). You may want to replace the earpads, as they are rather compressed now (I like this as my driver is now closer to the driver, thus the bass is nicer and the highs aren't fatiguing at all as some report with their DT880). Other than that, they are in great condition and work flawlessly. I am willing to post worldwide, so don't hesitate to send me an offer, but please, no lowballing. Also, I will be including the case that they came in (I believe I may have the original box as well). Asking $320 net to me, so you pay PayPal fees (typically 3% of total cost) + postage costs. 
Paid $580. Asking $350, $320. 
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