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    Selling my highly custom spec'ed DHC Prion 4S Dual 3-Pin XLR cable for Audeze + Prion4 dual 3 pin to 1/4"(6,3mm) adapter. More photos on request.

    • Length:
      4' (1,22m) ($1,799.00)

    • Headphone Type:
      Rhodium Eidolic 4-pin Mini XLR for Audeze/Kennerton/ZMF

    • Choice of sleeving - choose 1 or 2!:
      White/antique gold custom fiber sleeve, White/metallic copper custom fiber sleeving

    • Termination (the plug at the bottom of the cable):
      Xhadow copper/teflon 3-pin XLRs ($150.00)

    • Prion4S - add Spore Shielding - 3 PIN XLR CABLES ONLY:
      Prion4S: 4 foot ($500.00), Add dual sterling silver logo tubes (customize via email) ($300.00)

    • Add adapters:
      Add Prion4 dual 3 pin to 1/4"(6,3mm) adapter ($500.00)

    • Extras:
      Leather/glass photo album with photos of this cable ($250.00)
      Carbon-fiber storage bag

      FINAL price for this custom masterpiece: $3,499.00 (3,050€ plus import fees to EU and taxes)

      Now you can own this masterpiece, the best headphone cable in the world without any waiting time and just for 1,950.00€ ($2,250)!

      IMG_0177.jpg IMG_0190 (1).jpg IMG_0180.jpg
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