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FS: DoS Modded SB3

  1. Gaara
    DoS Modded SB3 - $150 shipped

    This is an oddity.  Basically this is a lightly modded SB3 from the member Destroyer of Smiles.  He upgraded the rcas to Cardas and upgraded the OP-Amp.  He attempted to replace the surface mount electrolytics in the analog signal path with Blackgates but had difficulty doing so.  Wayne at Bolder Cable was kind enough to finish the job. 

    This is NOT the same level as a Bolder modded one, but a very nice improvement over stock nonetheless.  This is also a wired only unit.

    In good condition.  The front screen has those typical swirly marks that all SB3s have that are visible in direct sunlight.  The back has some very faint scratches but nothing serious.

    This will be packaged well and comes with the unit, stock PSU, and remote.  Accepting Paypal gift, money order, or personal check.  I have feedback on Head-Fi, Club Polk and on Audiogon. For sale in the US only.


  2. Gaara
    Bump. I also have a wireless bridge f/s if needed.
  3. Gaara
    $200 + split shipping
  4. Gaara
    $200 shipped
  5. Gaara
  6. Gaara
    $185 shipped
  7. Gaara
    back up
  8. Gaara
    Still have this, now $150 shipped and if someone needs a wireless bridge to make this wireless, I can add one for $25.

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