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FS - DIY Stax T2 matching set of PCBs and heatsinks

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  1. kytuphicanh
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    Ever since I've bought these boards for the DIY T2, I couldn't find anywhere that has the matching heatsinks which is 400mm long. The only solution is using 2 shorter ones, but that's not the best way for this kind of amplifier.

    I went ahead and have the local machine factory make a die for my own need. Result is this fantastic heatsink, perfectly for the T2 DIY. It is 400mm long, 100mm height, 10mm base. The fins are ribbed to maximize the heat dissipation. They are very heavy and rigid. All in raw aluminum.

    I only have some sets like these left, probably 3 or 4. The cost is quite expensive since I had to pay for a totally new die. I only sell a set of boards and heatsinks, no separation! I could do the anodization for extra cost.

    A set of them is $875 net to me. Shipping would be quite costly, as I said, they are very heavy! A set weighs ~9.5kgs without packaging materials. Shipping to the US, for example, would be $145 by Express Mail.

    Feel free to ask any question.

  2. kytuphicanh
  3. kytuphicanh
  4. paradoxper
    Quite nice.
  5. kytuphicanh
  6. kytuphicanh
    A pair of ultimate, fully custom chassis made for a fellow HF'er here. 10mm thick front panel, in gold champagne, using my custom made teflon Stax jacks. :)


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