FS - Desktop O2 or Project Starlight Hybrid
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May 17, 2010
Can't decide which amp I want to keep so i'm selling one to make the decision a little easier :xf_eek:
Starlight is in good condition. I bought this amp back in May and used it extensively, pairs great with HD600 or Q701 even though it doesnt put out as much power as its bigger brothers (Sunrise II, Horizon, Ember). This was a kit build (#0006), but I did not built it myself. Workmanship from the previous owner is very clean though. 
One thing to note about the amp is the volume pot causes noticeable channel imbalance around the lower extremes (around 7 o'clock to 9 o'clock), which is common with lower cost pots.
Included along with the amp -
-Meanwell power supply
- JRC-RCA 12au7
- RCA clear top 12au7
- Sylvania-Jan 6DJ8 (this tube came with the amp when I received it, it's fairly microphonic on one side)
- Sylvania 12av7 (higher gain)
O2 is in good condition. I built this amp close to a year ago and it's seen a lot of use since then, until a few months ago. It's a basic O2 build with just a few differences - gain is set at 1x/6.5x, and the RCA input and headphone out are detachable from the pcb to make for slightly easier disassembly. Battery terminals are installed in case you'd want to go transportable with it. 
Some notes - 
- Front plate has an amateurish brushed metal look to it, with a polished clear coat on top. There are some small scratches near the headphone jack. 
- Back plate is de-anodized, bare metal and looks abit rough. 
- Power jack is a little finicky, you have to finagle a little bit with the power supply's plug to get it set. 
Included - Just the amp and power supply (16VAC, 750mA)
Asking $85 shipped within the US
RMK5 - Sold
If you have any questions feel free to drop me a PM anytime
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