FS: Denafrips HA-10 Fully Balanced, Class A amp/Ares Balanced R2R DAC Stack

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    I'm selling my beloved Denafrips stack consisting of an Ares DAC and HA-10 Amp (2nd version with screen).

    Denafrips HA-10:
    Fully balanced, full class A headphone amp. It is in excellent condition; no scratches on the body or signs of wear. There is a smudge or two on the screen that could be cleaned off though.
    Because it is class A, it runs pretty hot even when no music is playing.
    It has more than enough power to run most headphones. I use it with my HD800S, HD600, and Aeon Flow Closed with no issues.
    This is the only thread I can find on it. This is the 2nd, upgraded version of the HA-10; shown in the thread starting on page 2. I know that because they added a screen on the 2nd version.
    This is a very rare amp. I purchased it from someone who moved to the US from China, where he acquired it new. I have not been able to find another one like it online.
    Because it is from China, it is a 220V model so a 110V to 220V transformer is required. I will include a 500W one with a voltage regulator - outputs a nice and steady 220.9V. It is quite large and way overpowered so if you'd like, you could switch to a smaller, lower-powered one if size is an issue. If you do not need it, I can remove $20 from the price.
    The sound is slightly warm from neutral. It is very detailed and resolving; I hear distortion in poorly recorded tracks more with this amp than I do with an iFi Pro iCAN or my Soekris dac1541 (headphone out). In that sense, it is not forgiving. That being said it is not sibilant or fatiguing.
    I am selling it with the Ares but it does get better with a better DAC. I really love it with my Soekris.
    It is one of my favorite amps and I really don't want to see it go. The only reason I am selling is because I need to clear out gear in order to afford a Focal Utopia.
    The HA-10 will not come with any accessories or original box. You will need to supply your own standard, 3-prong power cable and interconnects.

    Denafrips Ares:
    I purchased this DAC new a few months ago, just before I found the HA-10 for sale. It is in excellent, like new condition and sounds excellent.
    The Ares is known to be one of the best budget, fully balanced R2R DACs currently available.
    The Ares will come in its original box with its original power cable (unused). It will not come with a USB (type B) cable because it did not come with one from Denafrips.

    Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Please keep in mind, there is not much information that I know about the HA-10.
    I have uploaded some pictures here.

    I am asking $900 for the HA-10 ($375) and Ares ($525) together including Paypal fees. I will include the power converter for free. There will be a $50 shipping charge for everything (CONUS). It will consist of two separate, large, heavy boxes to ship everything so it will be expensive. If you do not want the power converter, I will deduct $20 from the shipping price.
    I will ship outside the CONUS but buyer will pay full shipping fee.
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  2. Schwibbles
  3. Schwibbles
  4. gugman

    quick question , coz I did not understand from the post, can I buy only HA-10?

  5. Schwibbles
    I was originally trying to sell them together.
    I suppose I could split them up. The prices I listed above are lower (together) than what I would sell them for separately.

    Separately I'd want to get $400 for HA-10 (+shipping) and $550 for the Ares (+ shipping).
    So to answer your question, yes. I would consider splitting them up.
  6. Skooks
    Can you give us pictures... front and back of both units? Thank you.
  7. Skooks
    I'm sorry... I did not see that you had a link to pictures of your two units. But, one question... is the Ares a 110 volt unit, or does it have to be used also with a transformer? Thanks.
  8. Schwibbles
    All good. The Ares is 110V and can be plugged straight into the wall.
  9. gugman

    I see, tahnk you for your reply. I will think about your offer and get back to you via pm


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