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FS: Darkvoice 337 with Great Tubes

  1. tonsosnot
    Up for sale is my Darkforce 337 OTL amp. This seems to be a highly underrated amp around here, and I have no idea why considering how good it is. Coming in 6th on Skylab's fantastic thread ranking 25 tube amps, I actually preferred this to the Woo6 whichI received around the same time. I love the amazingly large soundstage and smoothness of this amp, making the Woo6 sound almost grainy and closed-in in comparison. 


    From Skylab's review of the 337 vs 3 other amps:


    "...the 337 is a terrific sounding amp. It has an engaging, dynamic, organic, and slightly dark sound. It has an ultra-wide and deep soundstage, which is well defined. Bass is powerful and punchy Better detail than everything other than the SP Extreme. Female vocals are just spine-chillingly beautiful through it. I use it mostly with the JVC DX1000, and this is a heavenly match, providing truly world-class sound."


    The thread can be seen here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/402585/review-summary-a-ranking-of-25-tube-and-tube-hybrid-headphone-amps


    I am the second owner of this amp, owning it since May of this year. The pictures below are from the original sales thread. There are two blemishes worth noting. First are scratches on the chassis between the tubes and transforms and on the left transformer from the flimsy cage used to protect the tubes (which was thrown out by the original owner due to lack of functionality and terrible aesthetics. You can find pictures of the 337 with the cage on, and the amp looks MUCH better flaunting those gorgeous tubes). The second is a small dent on the left front corner of the amp, as seen below. These are strictly cosmetic and in no way affect the performance of the amp. The original owner received it this way (a downside of shipping from China).


    The 337 comes with the following tubes:


    1. Original 6N5PJ tubes.
    2. Tung-Sol 5998 tubes
    3. NOS Tung-Sol 6SJ7GT mesh plate tubes
    4. NOS JAN Philips 6SJ7GT tubes
    5. Westinghouse 6SJ7 metal can tubes (basically circuit testers)
    In the fairly large Darkvoice 337 Review thread, Skylab mentions that he feels the Tung-Sol 6SJ7GT mesh plate and Tung-Sol 5998 are the best tubes for this amp. The thread also mentions the Tung-Sol 5998 tubes becoming increasingly hard to find. Check out the very informative thread here (latest discussion of these are tubes found on the last page):



    I am asking $SOLD! shipped in the CONUS. Paypal gift or add 3%. Local auditions or pickup welcome.


    Feel free to contact me with any questions and thanks for the interest!


    My feedback: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/311417/tonsosnot










  2. tonsosnot
    In response to a couple PMs, this version DOES include the preamp output. 
  3. tonsosnot
  4. rocknrolldoctor
    Free Bump for Great AMP
  5. tonsosnot
    Heh, I appreciate  the bump, but this amp has sold. A for effort!

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