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Sep 13, 2002
I never wanted to sell this amp, but I recently finished a different one, and have a few other ideas that I can't work on unless something goes. Several of you have heard this amp in Boston and NYC, it's a customized variant of the Mapletree amp. The power supply is very heavily filtered, and the key resistors are nude vishay S102 bulk foil rather than caddocks... very stable and transparent. This is a fast amp, with full but tight bass. Excellent with Senns, and some say better still with Grados.
pic by Nate at ne minimeet:

three sets of cardas inputs


wood is red birch with clear watco danish oil only:

The i/o wiring is silver in teflon tubing (because I had it and it handles well); the input selector is on an extended shaft right at the jacks, and is a sealed unit with gold contacts; volume pot is a detented alps black beauty; caps are VK blackgate, with an ASC poly/oil cap after rectifier and auricaps for coupling bypass; thordarson choke in B+; hexfred/vacuum graetz bridge; filament and B+ transformers are potted in MG thermal epoxy. There is a full bottom plate made from brushed perforated stainless steel, top is polished stainless. Yes, it's a PITA to keep clean, you have been warned.

Includes a 12B4A RCA output tubes, a Tung-Sol reissue 12AX7, and 12X4 rectifier. $1,150 shipped CONUS. $1,200 if paypal.

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