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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Vaiet, Jun 24, 2018.
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  1. Vaiet
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    For sale are my Custom Art Ei.XX. 6 balanced armature drivers, exquisite CIEMs I loved but I must sell them because of my right ear which somehow tolerates only UIEMs. Bought here on HF around a year ago. Full set with BRAND NEW peli case, tablet and a cleaning thingy. Linum bax I bought them with died after 3 months, so I have been using them with custom made 8-strand hybrid (4 solid core silver strands and 4 strands of low impedance high purity copper).

    Serial number - CA-1760A

    Price: 360 euro without cable as the cable is staying with me. You can buy stock cable from Custom Art for ~25 euro.

    PeliCase was replaced with a new one thanks to the Peli warranty :) The old one got broken somehow.
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  2. Vaiet
    BUMP :)
  3. Vaiet
  4. Vaiet
    Bump :)
  5. Vaiet
    A8's we're sold. Ei.XX still available! :)
  6. Vaiet
    Up. Don't be afriad to PM :)
  7. Vaiet
    Bump. :)
  8. Vaiet
    Price drop. 400 euros without cable and 480 with a great sounding custom-made hybrid cable :wink:
  9. Vaiet
    Bump! 450e with an amazing sounding cable until next bump!
  10. Vaiet
    Bump. PM for questions :)
  11. Melanie Litton
    Got a pic of them you can share?
  12. Vaiet
    Sure :)
    20180730_214648.jpg 20180730_214656.jpg 20180730_214708.jpg
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  13. Melanie Litton
    Thanks! Just sent you a PM
  14. Vaiet
    Bumps ^^
  15. Vaiet
    Still available :)
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