FS Creative Soundblaster ZxR Soundcard
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Sep 24, 2010
One of the top of the line sound cards up for sale. I have been very happy with it for the 1.5 years that Ive owned it but I have to sell it because I upgraded my computer with an extra graphics card which took up the slots used by my ZxR and its daughter card. It can power 600ohm headphones well (I used it and enjoyed with my T1 even though I have a Bottlehead Crack with speedball). And it can also power IEMs but it does have a little bit of hum. As the TOTL creative sound card it does have all the gaming/movie sound programs included in its software (you download the program online). It comes with a control unit for your desk which has a headphone in (both 1/4in and 1/8in inputs), a microphone input, and the unit itself can also act a microphone. Ive never tested any microphone with this. The control unit has a volume control that works fine but makes static noise (through headphones) only when you physically change the volume once in awhile. I do not have the original box and the only things I will include are the ZxR, its daughter card, the control unit, a RCA to 1/8th cable, and a toslink cable. You get drivers online for the program to run  The whole thing works fine but its up to you to figure out if it fits in your desktop and how to install everything. Everything is in good condition and it is being sold as is. Please PM any questions and there will be pictures up later today. Please make offers and Im not too interested in trades at the moment.


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